DRDIP Retains hope in School Going Children around the lake regions

DRDIP retains hope in School going children around the lake
Nyawaiga Primary School is situated in the parish of Nkondo, Kabwooya Subcounty, kikuube district.
People around Nkondo are mainly fishermen and do Practice fishing as a business. Due to the fishing
business the enrollment had reduced and learners were mainly engaged in fishing activities
Very many young girls have dropped out of school due to early pregnancies and marriages to the
elderly Fishermen and very many young boys have abandoned school resorting to the fishing
business at a very tender age. This is because there was nothing boosting Education around the area,
there were few schools which also lacked enough classrooms.
learners would also walk Long distances in search of better education services to the nearby
subcounties thus causing congestion in the nearby Sub county. It is against the above background
that DRDIP came in and built a classroom block a 5stance Pit latrine and water sources systems
inorder to boost the Education in the area
with the above in Place there was a lot of improvement in Education and the children returned back
to school. The Students were attracted by the beautiful classroom block and the conducive
environment with safe and clean water.
Sandra Komukyeya one of the Students who had been affected and had dropped out of School
revealed that too much congestion at School forced her to drop out and the other school was very
far this forced her to start a fish selling point (Business).
With the construction of the beautiful DRDIP structures she was definitely attracted back to school.
John Kashigazi one of the Parents of Nyawaiga Primary school in Kabwooya Subcountry explains
that the impact of DRDIP Project is that it improved livelihoods and Performance of their Children at
School, Students are studying very well and with a lot of comfort which is helping them to excel in
their studies hence better grades
In Nyawaiga P/S after DRDIP constructing beautiful Classroom blocks, Latrines and water Systems
(Stainless Tanks) the enrollment rose from 150 pupils to 574 pupils. A
Story by;
Ndagano Faridah
Kikuube Dlg

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