District Council

The genesis of Kikuube district dates back to 30/12/2010 when Hoima district council (mother district) passed a resolution for the creation of Kikuube District which was later approved or granted by an act of parliament and became operational on 1st July 2018.

In the early days of its operation, there was no formal government in place and the administration operated by means of consultation to the political leaders in place at a time and decisions would be under taken by way of consensus. The administration under the CAO Mr. Mulondo Robert played a critical role in seeing through decisions with the ten-member political team.

Later on, there came into force an interim leadership under the stewardship of Hon. Twinomujuni Kazini Francis who doubled as the interim Speaker and who worked along the administrative arm of Mr. Chuna Kapolon Moses during which many milestones were achieved by the district. To mention but a few, recruitment of the first batch of staff, securing land for the district headquarters and fostering unity and harmony alongside working with partners to avail and sustain service delivery in the district.

However, in May 2021, the first substantive government came into force under the stewardship of Hon. Peter Banura Araali who set the ball rolling right away by enthusiastically emphasising that Kikuube must have political peace and consensus and harmony of the technical team.

High on his agenda is to have the district as modern tourist destination through protection of Flora and Fauna, exhibiting high quality and inclusive service delivery through encouraging local investment, fore fronting sports in the district and attraction of the outside world with the ultimate dream of making Kikuube a model district in Uganda and beyond.