Planning Unit

The District Planning Unit is a supportive unit to the council. It guides and coordinates the Development Planning function in the District including the preparation of the District and Lower Local Government Development Plan, monitoring and evaluation of the plans and projects.

Mandate of the planning Unit

To develop comprehensive and integrated District Plans, monitor and evaluate their implementation.

Goal of the Planning Unit:

To foster local development through planning management, Monitoring and evaluation of district programmes and projects

Key Functions of the Unit

  • Formulating, developing and coordinating District development strategies, plans and budgets;
  • Preparing and disseminating performance standards and indicators for the district to users.
  • Providing Technical support to Departments in preparation and production of District Development Plans.
  • Developing District investment priorities;
  • Coordinating, monitoring and evaluating performance of District Development Plans programs and projects.
  • Maintaining District Management Information System.
  • Developing and maintaining an up-to-date district data bank.
  • Appraising National and District Policy.
  • Producing minutes of Technical Planning Committee.

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