DRDIP boosts development in Kabwooya Subcounty

PHOTO of a sign post of Kabwooya SS
Kabwoya Sub County residents in Kikuube district have commended the office of the Prime Minister for boosting the development in their areas through the Development Response to Displacement Impact Project noting that it is one of the most inclusive refugee management projects.
They have explained that two schools, a health center and village member group associations have been supported by the office of the prime minister under this project, something that has seen them register remarkable strides around development.
At Kabwoya seed secondary school where the project constructed a girl dormitory that accommodates 56 girls with water, solar energy, stance latrine and bathrooms, the enrollment of girls and performance has shot up unlike previous years.
Hajjat Tausi Kutuusa, the school head teacher says that before they received the structure, the school had suffered high dropout rate because many girls in the surrounding villages of Maaya, Kabira, Kisaaru and among others would walk away seven miles to access the school were they would meet a number of challenges from boda boda men but now they sleep comfortable at school because of the improvements through DRDIP.
“We are so grateful to DRDIP officials and office of the prime minister in general, the Kikuube district leadership and all stakeholders that were involved in considering giving us this facility”
However, Hajjat Tausi has asked for another similar support for a boys dormitory because they also trek several miles to access the school premises
“Walking long distances, exhaust these children something that demotivates them, they also fail to read books after reaching home tired which hinders their performance so if they can help us with another dormitory, we will be so grateful”
At Kabwoya health center three, the project uplifted the facility from a single dilapidating structure to standard facility when they constructed an outpatient structure with solar energy and water tanks.
The project has also boosted the livelihoods and self-reliance by providing access to finance through village savings and loan schemes.
Valerian Katarikaawe, the secretary of Rusoona village revolving fund, says that access to finance was one of the major problems affecting them as Abanaku Mubanaku village group not until DRDIP supported them with 55 million shillings.
He adds that DRDIP contracted them to plant trees along Rusoona water stream earning 5500 daily but 1500 would be recorded as savings.
Patience Asira, a member of Rusoona village revolving fund “ we thank the government for the program of DRDIP, it has done me a lot of good.  I had failed to finish my house but they gave me money and finished it. Now I have a place to sleep and I can take care of my children.
DRDIP is aflagship  government of Uganda project funded by the World Bank being implemented under the Office of the Prime Minister to address the effects of hosting refugees.
Story by
Faridah Ndagano
Communication Officer

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