laying of budget for FY 2024/2025

Kikuube District  local Government  has today the 28th of March 2024 laid its budget estimates for the Financial year 2024/2025.
In accordance to article 190 of the constitution  of the Republic of Uganda Section 77 of the local Government  Act and section 13 of the Public Finance Management  Act requires  the Chairperson of a local Council to cause the preparation of a proposed Annual budget.
The District  Secretary  for Finance Planning and Administration -Hajjat Nyakahara Zulia presented the budget proposals for the estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for the Financial year 2024/2025
According to the budget the total revenue stood at 1,508,757,989 making 4.9%
27,797,242,222 central Government transfers and
1,739,074,660 for Donor funding all totaling to 31b
The Hon further informed Council that the outrun to locally raised revenue by March was bit low, who called upon leaders to look for more local revenue baselines in their areas.
Peter Banura, the District Governor  called upon the Central Government  to introduce the digital- Revenue Automation system in the district which will help to eliminate all sources of revenue linkages.
As the Ministry targets to collect 1 trillion shillings of local revenue from local Governments Kikuube district also has a target of collecting over 1b to enable proper service delivery in the district.
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