Community Based services




This sector provides community level activities to reduce poverty and plays a pivotal role that creates the necessary conducive environment for the other sectors to effectively deliver services to all sections of the population.


The key role of the sector is to promote the rights of the vulnerable and marginalized groups and catalyze the community to appreciate, demand and uptake social services. The sector facilitates the vulnerable and marginalized groups to harness their potential through skills development, access to startup capital, mindset change and building their resilience to shocks. This enables them to participate in the economic ventures and improve their productivity in the key priority sectors as identified in the NDP2.


The Local Government (Act Chapter 243) specifies that the Sector has the responsibility to deliver the following services.


   I.    Social Rehabilitation

 II.    Labour and Industrial relations

III.    Probation and social welfare

IV.    Orphans & vulnerable children (OVC)

  V.    Gender & Women empowerment

VI.    Youth Affairs

VII.    Cultural affairs

VIII.    Adult learning

IX.    Support to women, youth & disability councils

  X.    Support to public libraries


At the local Government level, the community based Services Department is the conduit for service delivery and most of the activities are implemented in collaboration with the CSOs and the community themselves.

Departmental Goal

To empower communities to harness their potential through cultural growth, skills development and labour productivity for sustainable and gender responsive development.