kikuube District Stakeholders visit Kyenjonjo for a benchmarking exercise

*Kikuube District Stakeholders visit Kyenjojo District for bench-marking.*
Mid-last week, on the 29th of May 2024, Officials from the district of Kikuube led by the district Chairperson Hon Peter Banura Visited Kyenjojo district local Government  for a 3day benchmarking tour on the UGIFT Micro-scale Irrigation Project.
The Major aim of the tour was to enable Kikuube District Stakeholders (farmers, Leaders and technocrats) to interact and learn from fellow Stakeholders especially farmers from Kyenjojo who are known to have excelled in Implementation of UGIFT Micro scale irrigation project.
Kikuube  District  Production Sector is Implementing a 5 year project of the Micro Scale Irrigation Project.
The Program is supported  by the World Bank through the Uganda Intergovernmental Fiscal transfers (UgiFT)program.
The main aim of the program is to support small holder Farmers to purchase and use Micro- scale Irrigation equipment.
Suppliers are expected to design, Install and train beneficiary farmers on the operation, maintenance and Management of the equipment.
The Kikuube District team was received  by the Vice Chairperson Kyenjojo, The DEC Members and the Production department  Officials from Kyenjojo
Together they had a brief a meeting were alot was discussed  ranging  from Project Success stories to the challenges and also the possible solutions.
The Kikuube team also visited different Sub-counties which include Kyarusozi, Kigoyera and Nyantungo were they met different beneficiary farmers dealing in crops like Coffee, Matooke, Tomatoes, Onions, Poultry among others.
The farmers shared with the district team a lot on how the project works and how they have benefited which our farmers copied.
Finally after this tour,  we expect an increase in the number of farmers who are going to adopt the Micro Scale Irrigation system after seeing on how it has worked for the farmers in Kyenjojo.
 Story by;
 #Ndagano Faridah
Communication Officer

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