kikuube District Hosts team from the Danish Development Agency.

Kikuube District has today the 10th July 2023, hosted a strong delegation team from the Danish Development Agency (DANIDA) and Consultants from the Royal Danish Embassy at the district headquarters.

The main purpose for their visit was to conduct a validation exercise that involves consulting the District and its Stakeholders like OPM, UNHCR, Operating and Implementing Partners, as a pilot study for their incoming Project dubbed ‘The Uganda Refugee Response Initiative’. Which they wish Kikuube to be a beneficiary.

The New Project proposed to be lmplemented in western Uganda, will replace the ‘Northern Uganda Resilience Initiative(NURI) which has already been implemented in the Northern region of Uganda.

The 5year Project is meant to support Uganda Refugee Response by building resilience; through Supporting Agriculture, Economic Empowerment of Women and also Supporting Sustainable Management of the Environment.

The New Project is proposed to be Implemented in the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement and Kyaka II Refugee Settlement in Kyegegwa.

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