The District has a total projected population of 443,752 including that of refugees out of which 222,640 are males (50.2%) and 221,112 females (49.8%). In terms of percentage, the population of Kikuube is evenly distributed at 50%. The host population is 320,792 and refugees 122,112 which is 26.3% of the total population. The refugee settlement is located in Kyangwali Sub County. Almost all refugees in Kyangwali Settlement come from DRC at 96.5% followed by South Sudan at 2.9%. The rest come from Rwanda, Burundi and Somalia.  There has been an influx of refugees in Kikuube in the recent past putting pressure on the available social services like schools and health facilities as well as the environment. Besides the refugees, Kikuube District has a diverse population with Banyoro as the indigenous tribe. The migrants are mainly the Banyankore-Bakiga, Bafumbira, Alurs and some Banyarwanda.